This is my kitchen. It is hot as all hell during the day when I try to cook anything, actually it’s even hot when I don’t try to cook anything. It’s cuteness almost makes up for the heat, but not really. This house was built in the 20’s so it doesn’t have central air which is why I need to get out more during the day. I plan on mooching off of public establishments for their air conditioning. I’ll tell you how that goes.

I have this problem when I bake. When the recipe calls for something to cool or rest, I tend to cool or rest. Thus, losing complete intrest in what I am baking. This happend today while I was making Samoas. I forgot about the coconut in the oven so it got a little more than toasted. And because I got so lazy, I’m not even done making them. They’re in my fridge, the only thing left for me to do is to cut them and dip the bottoms in chocolate. So tedious! I’ll post pictures of that tomorrow, you know, when I’m done making them.

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